Claire Houston
certified Attunement Practitioner


My Story

In 1986, I developed a bleeding ulcer. A year later, having gone down the standard healing path of months of medication, dietary changes, etc, I was very discouraged that it had returned as soon as I finished treatment. I decided to put complementary holistic approaches to the test. I had been studying a form of subtle energy work called Attunement.

I went to an Attunement practitioner on a Monday. We shared Attunement that day. I went again the next day, and shared another Attunement session. On my Wednesday morning run, I could feel the pain in my gut was different. More distant. Less severe. Could it be possible that what usually took 3 months to heal could be getting better this quickly? Thursday morning, I went for my morning run, and felt fine. No pain. That same day, I noticed all symptoms of the ulcer had vanished.

When I went that Thursday for my Attunement session, I knew it was gone. Miraculously, in 4 days it was gone. But I didn’t say a word. I waited for the practitioner to give me feedback. After the session, he smiled, and said, “What was once there is now gone.” I smiled, and hugged him, and nearly yelled, “I KNOW!” That was the start of my passion for Attunement.

I completed years of Attunement training and apprenticeship. Attunement is both a sacred healing practice and a lifestyle.  Having spent years living my life in Attunement, I’ve integrated Attunement into my private practice, and have had the privilege of witnessing clients, friends, and family touched and transformed by the healing power. My life has been uplifted and changed by Attunement with Source. I hope you find the same. Blessings, Claire

Certified advanced Attunement Practitioner:


Walking in Sunshine

Vaughan Williams, “Lark Ascending”

John Mayer, 70s pop, Nora Jones,

Aaron Copland

Favorite places


Stockton Springs, ME
Fort Point Park


A Place of Peace

We have a summer camp nearby. A slice of heaven on earth.

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What happens in a session?

The client quietly reclines, fully clothed, while the practitioner focuses Life Force energy between their hands, and directs it to the 7 endocrine glands, organ systems, skeletal system, lymphatic system, and any areas that “call” for attention. This is done by holding the hands a few inches away from the body, in varied positions. The client may feel any range of experiences, from not much, to feeling heat, waves of warmth, prickly sensations, intensity, soothing coolness, deep rest. Some recipients see colors behind their closed eyes, or hear tones. It is a unique experience from person to person, and from session to session.

In general, an Attunement session is from 20-30 minutes long, with time to talk before and after the session. Planning on an hour is usually sufficient.


An hour session runs between $60 and $75. 45-minute and 30-minute sessions are also available. WSW members receive reduced fees.


More questions?

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