WSW  CEnter  supporters & testimonials


“As I sat at the Center today feeling so at peace and comfortable in my surroundings I thought... What an amazing woman Claire is to have created this “Place, this “Space” for women to feel good about themselves and know that they are “OK.” JM, Fremont, NH

“I was worried about losing the magical, sacred feel of the Women’s Center for myself, being in the leader’s chair. But, wondrously, it was only magnified by being that seat! What a truly special thing leadership at WSW is. I wish every woman I know could have the experience, and really feel “IT.” Thanks for providing that magical place. KA, Atkinson, NH [2 years later]

I want to thank you so much for a great support group Wednesday night. I connected with some really important insights for me right now through the work we did, and I am so thankful that you and the group are there for me to share with.” MS, Amesbury, MA

“There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t think about or use one of the leadership techniques I learned at WSW.” KL, Newmarket, NH

“It was a lovely evening. I felt relaxed and unwound when I left, blessed.” RR, Newton, NH

“WSW has been a lifeline for me. At very low times in my struggle with depression, I would get myself out of bed, go to the Thursday Brown Bag Lunch, and leave uplifted. I mean it when I say WSW saved my life, more than once.” BF, Atkinson

WSW's Agreements empower me to become my best me; the Agreements open me up to respectful listening, speaking, viewing, and life-changing experiences.”

CB, Seabrook, NH

WSW's Peer Leadership Training enriched the ‘who’ and ‘what’ of me, just as I am.” CB, Seabrook, NH

"WSW has been one of the few places in my life where I feel completely accepted for who I am, not having to be or do anything special to prove myself." MKR, Stratham, NH

"I think there's a special power when honest words are spoken into a circle of supportive listeners.  Possibilities get planted and start to grow." MR, Stratham, NH

I just want to thank you... for providing such a well organized and well orchestrated gathering. You were successful in creating a beautiful and safe “holding environment” for some powerful work to occur. I look forward to other opportunities for connection.” JJ, Exeter, NH

"Thanks so much for the long distance connection. Just want to acknowledge that you have a true gift for ‘recontextualizing.’ I use that term, specifically, because your words are so much more than a simple reframing. Thank you... it was just how I needed to hear it!”.


"I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for starting WSW! I attended the first meeting of the general support group tonight and was thankful to be a part of such a wonderful thing. Each woman there seemed grateful such a place exists. So, thank you for making it. KA, Atkinson, NH

Photos: Above, Jean Jackson; Below, Claire Houston, at the monthly Women’s Spirit Circle.

Photo: Above, Nancy McManus, and MaryBeth Stemp.

"Really miss you and the group. After a 2 week break, I can feel how important it is to me that we gather regularly"

LC, Fremont, NH

Many thanks for your wonderful leadership today. I loved the topic and will be drawing on it for support and direction as I move forward.” MS, Amesbury, MA

"Thank you so much... for the Creating Temple Space gathering. What a wonderful group of women and what a Sacred Day. The connections made amongst us will reverberate for a long time."

KB, Rye, NH

The sessions were inspiring! I have renewed curiosity and energy...  Thanks!” MA, Kingston, NH

"This is one place I can relax, breathe, and rest. It is my spiritual home. I feel deeply listened to, and really heard. My whole week is changed after attending a meeting at WSW Center."

RR, Newton, NH

Enclosed is my membership renewal. The value of being a WSW member just keeps getting better & better!” AI, Kingston, NH